Gingival Cuff Links System

Dental implants have changed the face of dentistry more than any other technology in the last century. Since the discovery of osseointegration and the development of the modern day dental implant, millions of lives are enhanced by the ability to chew food and function in a way that was previously not available. Significant research and development have been undertaken to make the dental implant integrate to bone quicker and more effectively. Despite achieving this very high level of success, the predictability of maintaining and establishing the soft tissue emergence profile has been far from successful resulting in routinely less than acceptable esthetic outcomes.

The importance of gum tissue manipulation over the implant is a discussion that for years ended without a solution and many proposed techniques fall short to preserve and perfect gingival tissue predictably. The lack of a solution is due to their inability to provide the dentist with three key elements: adaptability, durability, and dependability.

The Gingival Cuff Links System stands alone as the only system that meets all three required criteria.


The Gingival Cuff Links System allows the dentist:

The ability to preserve the exact natural gingival contour at the time of implant placement or establish it at a later surgery.
The option of sculpting the Gingival Cuff Link to any level or shape, including a temporary crown, all being done in the dental office during the implant procedure using standard dental equipment and materials.
The opportunity to maintain bone graft material where it was intended to be and graft gingival tissue to enhance esthetics and function.


Each Gingival Cuff Links core abutment is made of titanium metal, specially designed to fit into each implant manufacturer’s implant design.
The Gingival Cuff Links body consists of bis-acrylic resin which is the same material as many temporary dental restorations.
The screw that attaches to the implant is composed of titanium metal.
The screw can be torqued to the manufacturer’s specification to allow for proper attachment of the core abutment to the implant.


The proprietary “T Handle” design assists the surgeon in seating and sculpting of the Gingival Cuff Link. Also, it ensures that ideal rotational position for optimal restorability occurs.
Each Gingival Cuff Link is radiopaque so that the full cuff link is visible and verification of seating on the implant platform can be determined.
The attachment screw head in the Gingival Cuff Links is specific for the manufacture of the implant, allowing the dentist the ability to have the correct materials in the office for the intended procedure.

The Gingival Cuff Links System is a tried and true method that allows for perfecting and preserving of gingival tissue…One Time!